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Thomas was raised in Titusville, Pennsylvania. He graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1974 and Tulane University School of Medicine in 1978. He completed his orthopedic surgery residency at Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center in 1983. Dr. Goodwin is Board Certified in orthopedic surgery. He has practiced orthopedic surgery in the Treasure Valley since 1987, opening his clinic specializing in shoulder care in May 2002. This practice became the first in Idaho to offer exclusive treatment for the shoulder.


Dr. Goodwin has performed over 10,000 shoulder surgeries in Boise, Idaho during his 32-year career. The surgeries are comprised of a wide variety of arthroscopic shoulder procedures, rotator cuff repair, surgery for the unstable shoulder, and shoulder replacement for the arthritic shoulder joint. Dr. Goodwin provides both nonoperative care and surgical intervention, if needed, for the entire spectrum of shoulder problems.

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Thomas E. Goodwin, MD
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 17 reviews
by Jared Hoeksema on Thomas E. Goodwin, MD
I can attest for Dr. Goodwin

I can attest for Dr. Goodwin. He is a doctor that could be arrogant because of his unmatched talent and expertise, but he is not! I wish every surgeon was as humble as he! I had a general orthopedic surgeon attempt to fix my right shoulder several times without luck. A little over a years worth of pain and suffering went by before I to bully my surgeon at the time to refer me to Dr. Goodwin. It shall be noted that every imaging facility I went to for my MRI's all said Dr. Goodwin is the best shoulder surgeon in the valley! Dr. Goodwin not only fixed my right but has performed another partial replacement of my left. Dr. Goodwin, KC and Kim are definitely worth the wait. People would be a fool to go with another surgeon! Take it from a guy that was told by another surgeon I would potentially have to change my career because of my shoulder injury. After two titanium shoulders and a extensive labrum repair, I am back in the gym and serving the public.

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by Cheryl Anderson on Thomas E. Goodwin, MD
He’s the best of the best

I came to Dr. Goodwin in late February upon the recommendation of a friend. Before I met with him I experienced a great deal of pain in my left shoulder. He recommended a MRI which indicated I needed surgery. I had surgery 2 weeks ago and have had very little pain. Dr. Goodwin really focused on my care. He’s very in tune with his patients and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I have the deepest respect for him and his practice. He’s the best of the best.
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by Kerith Crabb on Thomas E. Goodwin, MD
Five Stars

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by Mackenzie Deobald on Thomas E. Goodwin, MD
I would highly recommend Dr. Goodwin!

My cousin was insistent that I schedule with Dr. Goodwin for a second opinion on my shoulder, and I am glad that she was! I had greatly injured my shoulder in a bicycle accident in August 2017, and I was initially sent to an orthopedist. He thought that the extent of my injury was a clavicular break and proceeded with surgery, without performing an MRI. I really wish he had done so because my injuries were much more than just a clavicle break; however, I feel badly for providers because I doubt insurance would have covered an MRI anyway, even if it was indicated.

My shoulder did not feel/look right after the first surgery, although my clavicle was fixed. We finally asked about a CT scan to eliminate any other injury, which was when they found that I had a grade 3+/4 ACJ separation. After speaking with my cousin, she thought I may also have a labral tear. The orthopedist I was seeing seemed a bit intimidated by my injuries and was considering 2 additional surgeries to fix my shoulder.

I finally went to Dr. Goodwin and he knew exactly what to do with me. He used models and basic resistance tests, along with an x-ray to decide how to proceed with my treatment. Not only that, but he came right into the room, without the white coat and the doctor "attitude," and sat right next to me. He shook mine and my mom's hand, and we were instantly sold. I suppose you could say he's an "old school" type of doctor, but he presents the dependable and compassionate characteristics that people expect from doctors, yet rarely see anymore.

We went in for surgery in mid-December of 2017, and everything went great. Treasure Valley Hospital was amazing and provided excellent care. Dr. Goodwin was totally comfortable with the surgery-due to experience-and ended up using the lockdown technique to secure my clavicle to the coracoid process, and hand-screwed in screws to secure the device. He also scoped other parts of my shoulder to see if I had any other issues. I had a very small labral tear and one other small tear that he debrided. He also debrided some other scar tissue in my shoulder.

My scar looks amazing and everyone can't believe how short of a time it's been since my surgery. His PA KC Colson and other staff at The Shoulder Clinic are awesome as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Goodwin!
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by Brianna Colo on Thomas E. Goodwin, MD
Dr. Goodwin and his staff are wonderful to work with!

One year out from my shoulder surgery and still doing amazing! Dr. Goodwin and his staff are wonderful to work with!
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by Matt Steen on Thomas E. Goodwin, MD
Great demeanor, very professional

Dr. Goodwin is great. He's operated on both my shoulders. Great demeanor, very professional.
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by Carol Ingalls on Thomas E. Goodwin, MD
Dr. Goodwin is as good a physician as I know!

Dr. Goodwin is as good a physician as I know! Whether it's in his office, or in surgery, you won't find anyone his equal He is kind and empathetic with a gift for really hearing what you are trying to communicate! He also has the best bedside manner I have experienced! He treats everyone with respect! ! It is hard to find someone his equal and as good a surgeon! He truly cares about each patient! I have been a patient since the early 90's and always will refer others to him for shoulders!
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by Van Kierstead on Thomas E. Goodwin, MD
My surgery was successful.

Other doctors were doubtful I would have much use my arm again. I talked to friends, PTs, and anyone who knew someone who messed up their shoulder. Who did they recommend? Dr. Goodwin was first among the names of "You really need to see." My surgery was successful. I have full use of my arm and hand. Visits were friendly--everyone: reception, x-ray, nurses, and, of course, Dr. Goodwin. He and his staff explained everything in easy to understand language and weren't satisfied unless I understood.


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by Daniel Nemnich on Thomas E. Goodwin, MD
If you need shoulder surgery this is the guy to go to in Southern Idaho.

I went to Dr Goodwin for a shoulder replacement, after getting a diagnosis from another surgeon. Dr Goodwin explained the process simply and clearly told me what to expect. I really liked his communication and simple delivery. I had the procedure in September of 2016 and could not be more pleased. He is and his staff are very professional and pleasant to work with. If you need shoulder surgery this is the guy to go to in Southern Idaho.


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by Gary on Thomas E. Goodwin, MD
Dr. Goodwin came highly recommended as the #1 shoulder surgeon in the Boise area.

Dr. Goodwin came highly recommended as the #1 shoulder surgeon in the Boise area. As I've had shoulder surgery once before (the other side!), I knew what I needed -- a surgeon that focuses on my injury and my goals, and one who I could trust would get me back to the active lifestyle I enjoy. From my initial office visit to my release back to work, the experience was everything I hoped for, and more. My shoulder is better than before my injury! If you need shoulder surgery, see him. Period.

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