As a result of shoulder deterioration, Bruce was unable to play golf, softball and ride his Harley

As an Executive Director for the Ada County Highway District, Bruce Wong’s day-to-day job never impacted his shoulder. Outside his work environment, Bruce had lost a significant range of motion with increased pain levels from sport activities.

According to Bruce,

“My shoulder injury impacted my love of sports and exercise across the board. It kept me from playing golf and softball and completely affected my daily powerlifting and exercising routines. While this was aggravating enough, I was also unable to ride my beloved Harley.”

He feared losing his shoulder mobility if he had surgery

The pain was too much and it was time to address the problem. Bruce was referred to Dr. Chopp through his primary care physician and needed to finally get answers to his primary concern: His biggest fear was that he would emerge from surgery with restricted motion in his shoulder.

Fortunately, these fears were quickly set aside when he met with Dr. Chopp.

“In a word, Dr. Chopp was stellar,” said Bruce. “Dr. Chopp was first class leading up to my surgery. He took the time to explain all options and issues involved with my specific case. He showed great concern, compassion, and humor to assure me; I would fully understood every step of the journey I was about to embark upon.”

As a former Air Force Colonel, Bruce was especially pleased to learn that Dr. Chopp was a former Air Force flight doctor. Dr. Chopp offered to share his experiences with Bruce that led him to have an absolute trust in both Dr. Chopp and his staff.

Through the help of his shoulder surgeon, Bruce has regained his active lifestyle

After his surgery, Bruce is now able to engage in all activities that were previously prohibited by his range of motion and pain.

Without reservation or hesitation, Bruce states,

“Dr. Chopp is the kind of doctor that we all see as the poster child for the ideal doctor. He is professional, kind, caring, and an expert who puts his patients first.”


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