As a result of a torn rotator cuff and labrum, Daniel was unable to bartend or speed fly

When people are used to always having their body at full capacity, they often take things for granted. They don’t know any differently, until the day when that changes.

For Daniel Rockrohr, life changed both at work and at the gym due to his torn rotator cuff and labrum. At the time of his injury, Daniel was a bartender. While it may seem trivial, he couldn’t even lift the liquor bottles up to twist them with his right arm to pour. Basically, he had to lift them with his left hand and use the bar gun with his right arm.

When it came to exercise and shoulder instability, Daniel says,

“I was severely limited in what I could do personally. I couldn’t lift weights with my right arm. I couldn’t go speed flying because it would put my arm in a position that was very painful. I couldn’t really lift anything over my head. I was in pain and life was frustrating.”

He was worried about losing shoulder mobility and nervous about recovery time

Daniel was determined to take action and did his due diligence. He researched and found that The Shoulder Clinic of Idaho specialized in shoulder injuries. He wanted the best surgeon and Dr. Chopp came highly recommended from the hospital as well as all the Google reviews Daniel researched online. Said Daniel,

“I want the best working on me. My two main concerns were how long would the recovery process be and would I be back at 100% after that recovery process? Thankfully, Dr. Chopp was very thorough and listened to my concerns throughout the whole process. He was also very confident that I would be back to 100%.”

After labrum and rotator cuff repair, Daniel returned to participating in extreme sports

“Like many patients experiencing rotator cuff and labral tears, these concerns are completely normal,” said Dr. Chopp. I was confident we could fix Daniel’s shoulder and am happy to report he is back to his goal of being at 100% again.”

Life is much better now for Daniel because he can go into the gym and lift whatever size weights he chooses. He is now rock climbing and speed flying. And the best news of all, he is happy to be working at full capacity.

“ I would most certainly recommend Dr.Chopp,” said Daniel. He is a great doctor and definitely one of the best in Boise.”


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